Motorola Xoom Awarded best tablet at CES 2011

Today we will look into a new gadget that will be launched around April 2010 (most probably according to secret sources). So here we have Motorola XOOM a new revolutionary tablet. This is the first ever tablet with dual core processor and it is powered by Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb (specially made for tablet) with essential pack of software specially made for handheld devices. It supports WiFi, 3G and eventually the 4G LTE networks.

motorola xoom

The Xoom has two cameras, one 2 megapixel at the front and another 5 megapixel at rear. The screen size is equivalent to netbook that is 10.1 inch. So it will solve all your travelling needs and its easy to carry. It has 32GB On-board memory and Full 1080p HD support with 720p video capture. Some other features are 1 GB Ram, fast easy Multitasking, Adobe Flash player for rich experience, Data encryption for complete security, good for streaming and much more.

And the latest tech news is that it has been awarded Best by the Consumer Electronics (CES) gadget, this Saturday 8th 2011. So it has surpassed Apple iPad. Another good thing is that it has so many accessories  like wireless keyboard, car charger, speaker dock and much more. So you people don’t have depend upon others.

Motorola also scored victory with its Atrix smart phone which operates on 4G networks during CES event.

“We took big risks and they paid off,” said Motorola Mobility chief software engineer Seang Chau. “We didn’t know if people would get it; but obviously they got it.”

But this time Motorola is not alone, it has partnered with internet giant Google so as to deliver best to their consumers. They launched the marketing campaign last year for Xoom and they have already created so much excitement among the people. But still, they have to do more efforts to leave iPad behind.

I am sure it is a strong contender. Check out the demo.

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