netTALK built-in WiFi and TV enhancement with DUO

For all those who don’t know what netTALK is “It’s an expert in telecommunication and it allows users to make calls free in USA and Canada with many more features.” That’s not all. It allows you to make video calls, do conference, offers smartphone apps like iPhone, Blackberry, Android and much more. So basically it will replace your old boring telephones into a smart tech efficient device with many superb features.

nettalk duo

To move one step further, company has combined netTALK TV device along with Duo device. What is netTALK TV? netTALK TV is small sleek handy gadget which comes with built-in WiFi. It allows user to watch its favorite channels. Generally, cable operators or DTH companies require user to subscribe 40 or 50 channel pack but with netTALK it’s different, you may choose even only one single channel.


The netTALK DUO sits cradled in the netTALK TV, allowing quick and easy access to both telephone and cable services.

That’s not all, its plug and play. It also features an HDMI Out, S-Video Out, Composite Video, Ethernet and WiFi. So that’s a good deal. But that’s not all there are still many more things.

It will be made available in the second half of 2011 and the prices are still not available. If you visit the Duo page then you may see its price but that’s without TV device. The cost is $69.95 for first year along with service then $29.95 for each additional year. So we need to wait to get combined device prices.

You may also use it for international ISD calling. Calling to non-USA user is cheap and calling to another DUO user is free in any country. That’s not all, suppose if you are on roaming then anyone calling to you from USA will not be charged as an international call.

So I like its size and easy to carry feature. You may also gift it to your loved ones :-). If you have bad experience in choosing a gadget then you must check out the following articles – ‘3 Factors Which You Should Consider Before Buying A Gadget‘ and ‘3 Factors to be considered when buying a gadget for your girl

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