Nokia N9 Meego gets updated to PR1.3


The name Meego might be one that a lot of people might not be familiar with but fret not because this mobile operating system is available on a few devices only. Amongst them is the Nokia N9 and after the update to version 1.2 a few months ago, version PR1.3 was then released and with it comes a lot of improvements and bug fixes as well. In fact, you are looking at 1000 different improvements.

A few things that has been updated includes their mailing app, Facebook as well as Twitter. Other applications such as Nokia Store, Nokia Music, Nokia Link, Maps and Drive have also been updated to a newer version. In addition to that, enhancements on network and connectivity issues have been done so that it would give the user better response.

A lot of these improvements are indeed bug fixes but apparently, there is more to it than just that. Based on comments given by users at the Maemo forum, some of the reported changelog includes a smoother UI, faster video decoding, compatibility with Xbox 360, Swype keyboard enhancements and many more. This 203MB update has been started with the non-branded variants before being moved on to branded variants after that.

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