Verizon prices leaked for Motorola Xoom and HTC Thunderbird

Today we have a big story, a leaked price list has been recently published on TechCrunch blog. It speaks everything about the latest gadget series from Motorola. These are the prices from Verizon telecom operator.


As you can see its a photograph of a paper taken by a camera. Motorola Droid will cost around $179 whereas its successor Droid 2 Global (white and other different models ) cost around $199 (that’s a $20 increase in the price). HTC Thunderbolt priced at $249.99 (that’s $.01 cheaper better than a $250 amount tag) and similarly Motorola Xoom priced at $799.99 (its unsubsidized amount though but it might get some subsidy in the future). So we might see a lower price in the near future.

We did a detail review about Xoom tablet and HTC Thunderbird few days back. The Thunderbird has 8 megapixel camera with 32 GB memory space and WiFi enabled.

Xoom has 32GB On-board memory and Full 1080p HD support with 720p video capture and it has also been awarded Best by the Consumer Electronics (CES) gadget 2011 recently. Google Motorola did a partnership for further promotion. Its a strong contender for Apple iPad 2 which might get a 1 MegaPixel rear camera(according to some sources but still a rumor).

Well these prices may get changed in the future but it gives a pure idea about these gadgets. Also competition is rising so manufactures might lower their prices so we can may get more discounts.

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