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After so much progress made by its rival companies like Google inc. and FaceBook(not so rival), Yahoo is now all set to ease its user registration task. site has PageRank-9 that is assigned by Google based on quality and some formula. From the last few years, Yahoo is constantly loosing its user base. It was first started with launch of Gmail and Google Talk. And its search engine has 17.7% share (dated May 2010 by Techcrunch) actually its slightly increased.

Even Google Orkut is also competing with Facebook. FB has 500+ million users base reported by their official blog. So the competition is getting higher and higher it includes Twitter and other social sites too.

So to get more visitors and increase its share, Yahoo has decided to allow users to use Facebook and Google credentials to use its services. People are already using Google accounts to create new Flickr accounts since last summer. To use any Yahoo service like Delicious we need to have Yahoo account. For some people its a time consuming task and many end up by leaving the site as a result it results in low membership.


“Yahoo has to do something to reverse the trend lines,” said Gartner analyst Ray Valdes.”They are redefining a new role for themselves as the Switzerland of the Web.”

In addition to this, last year Yahoo Microsoft also made a deal. But the impact was not so great on the market share.

Mike Kerns, Yahoo’s vice president of social and personalization, said the new third-party sign-in approach will make it even easier for new users to use Yahoo.

They are ready to allow third party sign-in tool but still its Mail and Messenger service will continue to use Yahoo-specific account to keep the information safe and private.

Pretty soon they will include AOL, Twitter, Microsoft and other famous 3rd party services to ease sign-in and the registration process. This step is good and it will help them to enhance to their market share and value.

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